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women fitnessOne of the fears that give many women before workouts at the gym. It is not surprising to hear such a inquiry, because the media have repeatedly published pictures of women with abnormally developed for this type of human musculature.


To answer this question, let me describe some of the facts that are taken from my understanding.

 The first social contact with “iron” was in 1993 with “shaping“. So I called the home of dance aerobics classes, which ended the campaign in a gym. Over time, the dance part of the course I was a miss and come directly to “rocking chair”. Thus, with the “weights” I’ve known for eight years.


Since 1994, I started training, “the adult” as real “boys” under the direction of Lev Guacharo.


This means that there was no such training, where I would not spread, working with iron “to failure”, except for certain periods.

To date, work on training with weights:- Squats – 85kg – 3×8, bench press – 52.5kg – 3×8, deadlight 100kg – 3×8. With a body weight 58 kg to work with these weights is possible only after a long time of intense training. If I worked long and hard with the iron, then I must be unnatural muscle? In my opinion, and the opinion of the people around me did not.


The experience of my training has shown that eight years of training with weights does not make a woman a man. So what do they give? Changed composition of the body. During this time, the body weight has not changed, but changed the volume, that is. decreased hip circumference and waist. My body became tighter and sleeker form. Also, changed my way of thinking. I learned how to achieve goals and, therefore, become more confident and cheerful.


As for the owners of masculine figures – is the result of changes in the ratio of male and female hormones in the body. In most cases, such modifications do not dispense with the use of pharmacological agents.


Do not be afraid, dear women, workout in the gym. Classes with a male body weights do more manly. And women more feminine. Any work ennobles man, including a workout in the gym.

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