Why increase the numbers of overweight?

extra weightThe rates of obese people in the world will not stop increasing. And it seems kilos found to exceed us. But why we have become ‘fat’? The first answer that comes to mind is that we eat too much. And indeed, one might think that yes, we eat too … But only if we take into account the energy we expend there’s the another’s, as it all time has been.

Think of our great-grandmothers, around 1900, who ate 500 calories a day more than us and they were probably a perfect weight, without suffering or obesity or overweight. The reason? Very simple: they had no car, no heat or a supermarket just around the corner. They moved, walked, fought against the cold … All of which consumed more than those 500 calories.

Actually, we had a 30% caloric intake lower than 30 years ago, when the overweight and obesity affecting 14 or 15% of the population (seventy years). Today affect a 55 or 65% of the population.

We do not spend enough

Our basic requirements like cardiac contractions or respiratory movements, consume extremely low calorie, low energy. The bulk of our calorie expenditure affects two functions:

Maintaining our body temperature at 37 ° C. If weights 70 kg, representing a mass equivalent of 70 liters of water. Had to keep a pot on fire at that temperature 24 hours a day, imagine the bill! And that is exactly the energy to stay alive. So cold-blooded animals like snakes, you can eat only once a week. And as we invented air conditioning and heating, permanently enjoying thermal comfort, no need to invest calories in warm up or cool off.

Our physical activity. Transport, and obviously the car in particular, have gained such prominence in our daily life we are parking in parking, from home to the office or the movies. And you get to real aberrations. There are cities in theUnited Statesthat the population means walk less than a hundred meters a day! In short, that if instead of the 2,000 daily calories needed opt for eating the 3,000 of our grandparents, you should try to do what they: remove the heat, take care in the garden or wherever and leave the car parked.

Our grandmothers spent 20 hours a week to cook; bother to vary the menus, prepare dishes that fill much. Now we have no more than three hours a week to cook. It is therefore normal that we tend to prepared dishes of canned vegetables, meats or cheeses. The food industry is not wrong, we consumers tend to what is “rich”, I usually “sugars and fats.”

We will not compromise on comfort to live in the conditions of a century ago, and as we are not willing to do sport and get on a diet, there is more than one billion overweight people worldwide. And soon we will be two billion. For the first time in history, in 2004 the number of overweight or obese exceeded that of victims of malnutrition.

According to forecasts by the World Health Organization (WHO), there could be two billion people with overweight in 2015, a figure that makes one wonder. The overweight or obese has surpassed the billion individuals while according to UN population suffers from malnutrition have gone in 20 years from 920 million to 800 today. At the same time, the population has grown by 1,600 million.

Being overweight is a major risk factor: there are almost 2.5 times more people treated for high blood pressure among overweight people, and 4 times more in obese than in the general population. And twice as many people with problems of high cholesterol. There is, finally, a 3 times higher incidence of diabetes type 2 in the overweight population and seven times in the obese population.

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