The weight is still there.

slim figureYou have chosen a diet and found a fitness club, but do not lose weight … What to do?


Some medications can stimulate the appetite: steroid hormones, antidepressants, antihistamines, and some sedatives slows metabolism: bromides, Valerian preparations, mother-wort  Corvallis  What to do: consult a doctor and find another drug.


You go on a diet, but ceased to exercise – the first time the weight gain will not be, but over time the muscles instead of the fat tissue. What to do: continue to exercise. Just do not be discouraged – you can train even lying down.


If your parents were different round, it’s unlikely you’ll ever look like Twiggy. What to do: fight against excess weight you will most likely have to last a lifetime. Another option – to rejoice than nature endowed you, if the weight is within reasonable limits.


The cause of being overweight, which can not cope, can be diseases of the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland and gynecological. What to do: consult a doctor, especially if you have not done this before you go on a diet.


Fluid retention in the body may be caused by PMS . Receiving steroid hormones, certain antibiotics and contraceptives. What to do: either change medications, or combine their reception with diuretics.


Muscle weighs more than fat tissue, so the extreme stresses weight may not change. What to do: to enjoy the appearance of the muscles in the place where recently had a “jelly”, the fact that the waist was thinner – and continue to deal with them.

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