The ideal physical activity at each stage of life

 fitness tipsFrom 15 to 25 years

Physical exam, blood tests, electrocardiogram at rest and nutritional assessment . In the case of teenagers, as they are still growing, it is essential the evaluation of postural alignment to avoid exercises that could harm them. In support assessment will decide whether you need to use for physical activity, templates corrective and / or preventive.

• are recommended moderate-intensity aerobic activity and muscle toning exercises with very low loads and high reps

 From 25 to 35 years

Physical exam, blood tests and resting electrocardiogram.

• At this age, dropping out of physical activity is very high, so you have to find a physical activity that attracts and fun. They range from simple walks, dance classes, outdoor plan or plan in the gym.

• recommend 30 minutes of aerobic activity, 20 minutes of muscle toning and 10 minutes of flexibility, divided into 3-4 sessions per week.


From 35 to 45 years

Physical exam, blood tests and resting electrocardiogram.

• At this age it is essential to strengthen the whole body because it begins disuse muscle atrophy. I advise a physical activity 3-5 times a week that includes 30 minutes of aerobic cycling, tape, or swimming elliptical walker, plus half an hour of strength training to prevent sagging hypotonia and after are so difficult to correct.


From 45 to 55 years

• This is the menopause stage, in which women, by lowering hormone levels lose a lot of bone. We must prevent osteoporosis or stop. I recommend a medical evaluation that includes blood tests to measure cholesterol and triglycerides, cardiac assessment at rest and during stress (stress test) to measure the behavior of heart rate and blood pressure in physical effort.

• In this group I recommend starting a more active every day of the week, independent of a planned program of exercises: this means that in every hour of your day to move some minutes. For example: tending the garden, getting up from the desk and walking a few minutes, using lunchtime to walk, walking the dog. Every hour has to have some activity. In the gym recommend 3/4 times a week 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity to “burn fat”, strengthening the abdominal corset short ab work, avoiding pressure on the neck and working your obliques to help mark the waist. This work will avoid the dreaded back pain and disc herniation so common at this age.


More than 60 years

 • It is essential to a complete cardiovascular evaluation because the number one threat to the health of this age group is the heart. Should always check cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure at rest and during exercise. It is convenient to perform a bone density scan to assess the degree of osteoporosis. It is also important to assess the alignment of the cervical spine to prevent pain with exercises inappropriate.

• recommend physical work Aerobic exercise avoid impact on the joints . Indicated: upright and recumbent bike and hike for moving the body favors the calcification of the bones of the hip should always perform strengthening exercises to prevent atrophy, hypothermia and flaccidity, which this age rapidly produces no work or training.

• Food should be very careful. Assess the need for supplementation with calcium and antioxidants.

• Never finish the workout without stretching. Will contractual and pain, number one cause of abandonment of physical activity.

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