Some Common mistakes make in a gym

Diet tipsEating in a poor one. When playing sports your body burns more energy and therefore also asks for more food. It is important to eat something before you exercise and try to do 5 meals a day.

2 Bundle up too much exercise. Many people believe that to sweat more, will lose weight. This is completely wrong. If you sweat excessively dehydrated and our performance we low.

3 Do not follow an exercise routine. You have to have a plan of your workouts. This will train in a balanced and will not fall into over training.

4 Do not respect the rest days. Is linked to the previous point. The body improves and notes the benefits of sport, when you rest. One must know how to listen to the body and rest when we ask.

5 Train an injured muscle. The body is wise. It warns us ahead of any problem. If we notice a pain, a puncture or discomfort in our body it is best to stop.

6 Perform crunches with straight legs. For an abdominal be effective and safe, you always have to run with your knees slightly bent, if you run with your legs straight and your spine only further the efforts made by the abs will be lower.

July Pedaling the bicycle saddle too low. If you ride the bicycle saddle too low can damage your knees and generate serious injuries. The proper height of the saddle is one in which the legs are almost straight in each pedal stroke having supported his toe on the pedal.

8 Avoid exercise during menstruation. Moderate physical activity during menstruation, you help combat menstrual tension, improve circulation and will retain less liquid.

9 Physical Exercise obligation. This is like studying. If you do not feel, for more hours to go before the book is not going to learn anything. The sport has to be something enjoyable. An activity to improve our health. Surely among all sports and physical exercises there find those that you like and fit your needs.

Drink some water 10. You need to drink before, during and after exercise. The body if not well hydrated, not performing at peak levels.

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