Protein vitamin diet

vitamin dietThe method of feeding with remarkable results. Judging by the reviews, ten days of protein vitamin diet is reset to five pounds in weight. It is important not to confuse eating protein and vitamin fruit, it will have to strictly adhere to the menu. You can make it up on their own, we, in turn, offer a one-day menu option protein-vitamin diet.

Protein-vitamin diet: a portion of low-fat curds and two soft-boiled eggs Protein vitamin diet  from eggs to cook an omelet.) At lunch, eat grapefruit or orange, :

a portion of lean meat, it can be a piece of cooked turkey ,any fruit and any number of . At dinner, the fish is baked or boiled fish in bedtime desirable to eat grapefruit or kiwi. What is important to eliminate from the diet for all ten days, it’s alcohol, carbonated mineral water, smoked and spicy, fatty meats, sugar and flour.

From fruit exclude apricot, banana, grapes – they are too high-calorie and do not contribute to the breakdown of fat. Vegetable completely rule out the potatoes. The diet is recommended to include purified water, mineral water without gas, herbal teas, tea without sugar and coffee. You should drink a lot of water, or as not less than two liters per day. Yogurt and any dairy products refer to proteins and not mix them with the use of fruits and vegetables.

Tip: If you decide to re-take the protein vitamin diet, pre-let your body a break. Break Damage protein diets at least two weeks. The diet is not dangerous, but if there are problems with the digestive tract – consult with a physician before, and maybe he does not approve of such a separate power supply.

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