Prepare to lose weight

Slim figureTo lose weight it is necessary to modify some lifestyle habits, including diet and avoid sedentary . Also need advice, talk to a doctor, a professional, consult a nutritionist, not dazzling fad diets or miracle weight loss programs, far from encouraging all they do is harm your health.

 Consult a physician

 Overweight and obesity carry a host of diseases among which include high cholesterol , type 2 diabetes , hypertension, among others. Therefore, before getting pregnant in the difficult task of losing weight, it is necessary that a doctor makes a general check on everything before you start exercising.

Start gradually

So much to do a diet like to start practicing exercises regularly, you need to go slowly, gradually, mainly because of what it is to change lifestyle and they do not change from one day to another, it takes time and effort. But there is evidence that this is the way it gives more results, as it can be maintained over time so you lose weight and maintained, does not produce the famous rebound effect so common with some diets, which is lost much weight suddenly, but recovers quickly. Therefore, the ideal is progressively start dieting , not just focus on weight loss, but set goals aimed at improving the overall health, including healthy eating, balanced and incorporating regular exercise into daily life.

Establish clear goals but achievable

It is very important to understand factors such as heredity, there are aspects that are unchangeable body just diet and exercise as they are part of the body structure, including: Being very hip. Therefore, instead of comparing yourself with others who have a structure quite different from ours and hope to achieve that figure is impossible. Instead, it is better to set a goal to lose a couple of sizes of jeans, to wear a beautiful dress in which until a time is not entered, etc.. That is established by comparing objectives with yourself and trying to improve in relation to one and not the other. In this sense, seeing that is more agile, you do not lose your breath to take the bus or to buy an item of clothing you have to order a size smaller, you feel more motivated to go on and progress towards to be better.

It is preferable to set short-term goals small but achievable, which can lead to long-term healthy changes, which aim to achieve quasi impossible large companies which can make you give up everything since the achievements are not because they are very difficult to reach.

Some recommendations to set small goals in relation to physical exercise:

Walking back from work and if it is too far, get off a few stops before the bus and walk home

Instead of asking other to get you something that is far, stop and go find yourself

Choose a physical activity that we like, there are plenty of activities currently being taught in gyms that are fun and serve to burn fat in a very entertaining  aerobox, Tae Bo, Spinning , among others. The best way to start practicing often some form of exercise is one that you enjoy doing, do not do it as an obligation but for pleasure. In this way, exercise will not taste and look ridiculous excuses for not doing

Some recommendations to set small goals in relation to the food:

Eating salad garnish instead of mash or chips

If sweets are the bane not need to deprive yourself of them, opt for low-calorie desserts Light can be very useful

Not eating is not the solution. We must find healthy alternatives, low calories and fill your plate with these foods. Vegetables, carbohydrates, grains

Always have at home a choice of healthy food and low calorie, otherwise when hunger strikes will eat the first thing you are. For this we must go to the supermarket and buy vegetables washed and cut, ready for seasoning and eat that much easier things especially when trying to eat healthy

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