Philosophy of high-quality mass loss

body fitness You can not lose more than 1 kg per week  with the speedy weight loss is not fat is lost, and the water, and then the crabs and lean muscle tissue. Severely restricting calories leads to the fact that the body starts to lay “in reserve” any fat eaten, even in small quantities.


1. Fasting is contraindicated for obesity! Optimal dietary exposure for those who lose weight – 1500 k cal per day, the minimum load should not be less than 1000-1200 calories a day – it’s dangerous to your health!


2. You can not lose weight without medical supervision, if you weigh more than the rate of 20 kg or more.


3. Diet based on dehydration self-deception:- he loses a liquid that quickly and accumulates.


4. A diet high in protein and reduced carbohydrate content is not optimal for the body – it does not receive the plurality of vital substances.

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5.For any diet to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and trace elements even if you are sitting exclusively on fruits and vegetables, you still run the risk of vitamin deficiency make – for example, vitamins A and B2 are mostly in foods of animal origin.


6. Losing weight should eat less but more often – best 6 times a day.


7. In sequence to decrease the sensation of starvation, drink a glass before a meal of warm water.


8. Drugs for weight loss can start to take only after consulting your doctor.


9. The more often a person loses weight, and then fattening, the higher the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


10. A little less sweet. Quench your thirst with water instead of juice or sweet tea in 1 cup of freshly prepared fruit juice contains 100 calories, a glass of kvass – 200 k cal  Dilute fruit juices, mineral water. Replace the sweetness of fresh fruit. If you are cooking for yourself, feel free to reduce the amount of sugar and honey in recipes offered.


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