Diet and sleep well at the same time

Fitness One of the problems that are often at the root of our inability to sleep well at night is that our body is out of balance.

 When we are born, at first, our bodies are in perfect balance and that is why very few babies have trouble sleeping whenever you need.

 Because of the world we live in and the choices we have to choose from in the way, our bodies tend to come in the future of that balance. This may cause various problems, one of which is the inability to sleep.

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Fitness at any age

Fitness bodyIron is one of the essential minerals in our food . It carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells, and is an important element of many proteins of bone.

But if fundamental for all people, even more so for pregnant women. Lentils, as one of the iron-rich foods, become the best ally in power during this stage of life of women.

A pregnant woman uses iron to increase its amount of blood up to 50%. The rest is essential for the proper development of the fetus and placenta.

 Thus, iron is one of the essential substances in the diet of all people, but it is even more necessary in pregnancy of women.


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Exercises for Women

Fitness bodyWe teach you the best training to achieve a sexy, athletic body but with all the curves that it needs to attract all eyes …

The Way: think of Jessica Biel. Their bodies are characteristically broad in the back and shoulders, and they are becoming increasingly close to the hip.

The more athletic bodies are usually small waist, tend towards more square silhouettes, and often have a lower proportion of fat bodies with more curves or pear shaped.


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