How many calories you burn with housework?

slim housewife

Women fat burn 1,500 calories a day. But if we take each task to move to win, achieve an extra expense. “We can lose weight and tone your body with domestic activities. Whenever we are in motion, we generate the energy needed to make it happen. We must not think that the gym is the only way, “confirms to Entremujeres Sebastian Petrillo, fitness expert and director of Sport Maniac.


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Women’s Soccer: Five Places to train

women soccerThe evolution of women’s football continues to rise. Prejudices left behind and the idea of women who practice this sport look or lose femininity and became an absurdity. Now, we also went out to show our talent on the court.

Currently, there are schools for women to perfect the technique, have a good time with friends and compete in different tournaments without losing any of the female spirit.

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The ideal physical activity at each stage of life

 fitness tipsFrom 15 to 25 years

Physical exam, blood tests, electrocardiogram at rest and nutritional assessment . In the case of teenagers, as they are still growing, it is essential the evaluation of postural alignment to avoid exercises that could harm them. In support assessment will decide whether you need to use for physical activity, templates corrective and / or preventive.

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Holiday exercise

Fitness exerciseExercise – that’s what you want to do in the morning after a party the least. But without the light of the complex gymnastics is still not enough: Exercise will increase your metabolism and speed up the burning of calories. And most importantly – reduce your feelings of guilt. After 10 minutes of exercise you will feel a surge of energy. And after a good exercise to make a quick step 15 minutemen a walk in the fresh air. Oxygen accelerates the burning of calories and fat.

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The weight is still there.

slim figureYou have chosen a diet and found a fitness club, but do not lose weight … What to do?


Some medications can stimulate the appetite: steroid hormones, antidepressants, antihistamines, and some sedatives slows metabolism: bromides, Valerian preparations, mother-wort  Corvallis  What to do: consult a doctor and find another drug.

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Eradicate processed foods as of your diet

Normal healthy foodTalking about ordinary foods similar to pasta. This includes chips, cola, all preservatives, fruit drinks and juices. All these refined foods, which, in the interests of long-term storage, added a lot of things that are absolutely contraindicated fitfulness losing weight.

Protein – the food your muscles. That they are not “cringe”, bring daily protein intake to 1.6 grams per kilogram of your body weight. The trouble is that our traditional meat dishes contain too much fat. Prefer boiled chicken breasts, Low fat cottage cheese, a couple of times a week, eat a steam or boiled fish. You can also make a normal protein by protein powder, which is sold in all health clubs and sports shops.

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Breathing cardiovascular exercise

exerciseFatigue often comes so quickly because your body is not well supplied with oxygen. In everyday life we breathe shallow, deep breaths is most often emotional origin. But many have already adopted a simple method of stress relief: a few deep breaths  – and then you calm down and life becomes easier.

Everyone knows that a combination of breathing exercises with the motor is at the heart of aerobics and shaping: after all, with the help of deep breathing and oxygen rich blood to burn fat, and when combined with exercises for specific muscle groups well cleaned zhirok with problem areas.

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Philosophy of high-quality mass loss

body fitness You can not lose more than 1 kg per week  with the speedy weight loss is not fat is lost, and the water, and then the crabs and lean muscle tissue. Severely restricting calories leads to the fact that the body starts to lay “in reserve” any fat eaten, even in small quantities.


1. Fasting is contraindicated for obesity! Optimal dietary exposure for those who lose weight – 1500 k cal per day, the minimum load should not be less than 1000-1200 calories a day – it’s dangerous to your health!


2. You can not lose weight without medical supervision, if you weigh more than the rate of 20 kg or more.

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women figure

women fitnessOne of the fears that give many women before workouts at the gym. It is not surprising to hear such a inquiry, because the media have repeatedly published pictures of women with abnormally developed for this type of human musculature.


To answer this question, let me describe some of the facts that are taken from my understanding.

 The first social contact with “iron” was in 1993 with “shaping“. So I called the home of dance aerobics classes, which ended the campaign in a gym. Over time, the dance part of the course I was a miss and come directly to “rocking chair”. Thus, with the “weights” I’ve known for eight years.

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