Cohen Diet: Straightforward Approach to Wellness


Getting fit automatically involves drastic changes in one’s lifestyle. But it is one enormous sacrifice that many are willing to take to achieve the goal of having the desired body. With many diet programs flying off the shelves, it could be dizzying to choose the perfect food plan that is highly effective. One such program would be the Cohen Diet that has been garnering the buzz across the web. Dr. Rami Cohen M.D. discovered this by accident as he was conducting his research with regards to infertility. Couples have been approaching him for techniques like “In-Vitro” fertilization since Dr. Cohen is an expert in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Upon his tenure, he accidentally found out that infertility problems can be contributed by obesity.

Considered a global epidemic, obesity has been blamed for the increase in the spread of ailments such as high blood, heart attacks, diabetes, and the like.

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Headache anti Diet

DietHeadaches or migraines no longer enjoy life; we have to understand that any body pain is a symptom that is saying that the body is not working well.

So you have to find the cause and not the pain with aspirin anesthesia and continue forward. Most headaches are due to dehydration of the body, but there are also multiple causes producing it.

 Frequent headaches may indicate a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, low levels of niacin and B6 can cause headaches. The B vitamins are necessary to avoid stress and tension headaches.


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How more calories burned body tissues?

calories burnedA calorie is the more of heat required to raise the temperature 1 degree in 1 kg of water. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the main nutrients in food that provide energy to the body.

Proteins and carbohydrates are 4 calories per gram, while fats have 9 calories per gram.

The calories that are not used in the expenditure of energy is stored in the body as fat

Daily calories (per day) burned tissue kilo:

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Seven tips to control hunger

control hungerControlling hunger is the hardest when we are in weight loss plan, it may be that the early days you do not feel but over the first week may begin to notice.

We offer tips to control hunger and ultimately succeed in attempts to stop overeating.

 Tip No. 1: Eat small amounts and frequently

The body needs food to provide energy, to perform all internal and external functions. If the intake is large portions, you are adding more nutrients than the body can handle, so there is a spillover effect.

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Weekend watch your weight

Weight lossDieting can be a struggle for numerous people, especially on weekends when it’s time to relax from the stress of the work week.


The lack of structure and lots of delicious temptations, parties and restaurants can spell trouble for dieters.

Here are some tips to help you relax without falling out of your healthy eating plan.

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Lose weight with your associate, is it probable?

weight lossMen do not appreciate women, apart from when dieters together. He does not understand how he thins faster and she is slowly eating the same weight loss.

The men go down much faster than women and this brings a feeling of disadvantage and frustration in women having their explanation.

The female body is designed to procreate and perpetuate the species prone to the accumulation of energy reserves , while the body of men is designed for physical work supplementary muscles women, Our environment has changed, has led women to perform physical and intellectual work alongside the man.

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Easy weight loss fourkg in five days

DietA weight loss diet is necessary to be aware of what you actually eat. The best way to do this is to record the foods you eat every day on a food diary . A food diary dispels any illusions you may have about your eating habits, and it will make you more aware of what you are more eating, when you more eating. It is also a great way to control portions and track your progress to see if you are moving toward your goals.

An easy diet is one that contains ingredients cheap and easy to get and also provides important nutrients needed to carry it out performing everyday tasks without starving.

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How much should weigh woman

shape bodyWomen with 5-7 extra pounds, live longer than those who have a significant deficiency or excess of normal weight. This was stated by the Norwegian nutritionist Hans Vaaler.

 According to him, it is easy to explain forms give rise to depression and diseases of the cardiovascular system.  In addition, women are underweight often victims of accidents and even suicidal.

 However, the nutritionist said that if the amount of extra pounds “off scale” – it also helps to reduce the duration of life due to diabetes and heart disease.


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Exercises for Women ass pear

Lose weightAlthough it seems a very difficult task, it really is not. To get a pert ass, hard and we cherish our Supply curves: banish fat and do some simple exercises for ass.

In any case we have to take into account the results of any exercise localized appreciate over time, so you have to be persistent, methodical and patient.

As the body of each person and you can expand the man, as more and more guys who care about having a firm butt-must make one kind or another exercise.

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Tips to have a Firm Ass

Women ass1. Do not drink alcohol and sweets.

Ass are depend on the  important in a healthy diet , there is no reason to remove them. What if we have completely eliminated from our minds are empty calories that have certain foods that raise the glycerin index . Precisely these calories are those that are shown in the alcohol, sweets, butter, sausage … These are very difficult to remove from our body and become fat. As we know one of the areas of the body where fat accumulates is in the rear.

Two. Taking too much sun.

The rear is exposed much to the sun, bikinis and swimsuits are becoming smaller. We do not realize but is receiving many rays. So I recommend you use sunscreen to the skin of the buttocks, if we do, it becomes a skin dehydrated, thin and flabby.

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