Lose weight without exercise

good fitnessHello! to lose weight without exercise and without diet, the quantity and quality of food are essential, call not to make physical activity not to go to a gym or exercise on your own home, then you should lower calories since the body does not need to burn.

There are several tips when it comes to lose weight without exercise or diet:

a) Replace the afternoon snacks with fruits and seeds

b) Eat a good breakfast and dinner frugally.

c) Eliminate your intake of sweets, or minizalor

d) Replace the sugar with sweetener.

e) Load grocery bags.

f) get up out of bed without resting your hands, so you’ll be doing abs.

g) Eat several times a day but lots of bite.

h) Sweep the sidewalk of your home.

i) Start a creative activity that has nothing to do with food: crafts, art, acting, playing a musical instrument, cuts and preparation, etc..

j) Find a parking the car more so you walked away more.

The most important thing is to stay focused on the goal, is worthless if you have no will, and the will is achieved when you are motivated, you need to have a motivation to lose weight: it means “I want to lose weight ….” or “I want to lose weight because ….” finish the sentence, and then you’ll know what your motivation.


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