How to maintain a standard weight

weight tipsPerhaps the most difficult problem that confronts a person who tends toward obesity and want to control is that of intellectually convinced that this is objectively manageable. This motivation is not reached before entering a weight reduction plan, you may be hard for you to achieve healthy goals to which it aspires.

In my case, with a height of 70.5 inches and 258 pounds, 75 years old and, with the physical conditions of hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia had tried previously supervised diets. Over time, these reverted to the familiar problem of the yoyo, gradual loss of weight with all its joys and subsequent increase in the pounds lost with its well-known frustrations.

This time, the motivation came remotely through reading a brief article in a local newspaper. This was offered a description of the dynamics involved in the treatment of weight control, which rests on three factors simultaneously monitored: the daily caloric intake, developing the habit and practice of some proper exercises to facilitate burn fat superfluous stored in tissues and close supervision of the expected changes through periodical medical examinations and rigorous.

Therefore, the intellectual-emotional user interested is, in my opinion, the key to success or failure of the program. To understand and accept why it is essential the substitution of glucose and reducing the input of saturated fat in the daily diet without falling into the stress because this decision involves without eating, perhaps the favorite foods until then, are the factors without which it could not overcome the defect that the yoyo is organic.

Once I got started in her weight maintain, I became aware of how my body glucose acts as an addictive element that precipitates the desire to continue eating: both flours like candy appetite kept alive and, therefore, one never experience the feeling of being satisfied, regardless of the amount of food eaten. For this reason it was so important to remove glucose from my diet so that the program may have adequate results. Mine was the surprise in finding, at the end of the first day under this Plan, that this constant hunger was gone!. Even greater inner joy to watch down four pounds monthly, such as anticipated and without using the exercise program at the gym-caution taken to a condition appearing angina.

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