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weight lossGinger   is a spice and helpful plant, and also the real medicine. Such combinations as flavoring and medicinal qualities like ginger, not found in other spices. Truly Ginger has many qualities – it is used in cooking, its healing properties are needed in medicine, and, increasingly, ginger is used in cosmetology. As a medicament, ginger has a long list of favorable properties. Medicinal properties the ginger, very big, it has: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, absorb able  stimulating, ruminative  diaphragmatic  healing and tonic properties. Ginger also has anti-oxidant and soothing properties, enhances immunity, and keeps the body from parasites.
As a spice, ginger is used for the preparation of numerous dishes, teas and used it in a pure form, and a bit of sugar with lemon and salt. The use of ginger with food useful and helps to improve the secretion of the  flat stomach, stimulates the appetite, relieves symptoms of nausea, weakness, dizziness, lowers blood pressure and also helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Special taste and aroma due to high content of essential oils and other elements that give this lovely spice flavor characteristics. The pleasant aroma of ginger root acts as a useful tonic that gives vitality and boost your self-esteem. Ginger is useful as a preventive of cancer diseases, Is cancer.

The ancient people claimed that ginger can increase the potency and is useful for men, relieves women from frigidity and sterility, and thus relieving menstrual cramps. Also increases the tone of the uterus and excitement. Ginger is often useful to apply the common cold illnesses during pregnancy due to toxicity, in intestinal, renal, billiard colic, with abdominal pain, and belching. And ginger is not contraindicated in the child’s body.
Other useful properties of ginger:-

It rids the body of toxins and improves health, improves memory and vision, there is a beautiful complexion. If you chew fresh ginger after a meal, it is a long time to get rid of various problems of the mouth and freshen your breath. Pungent taste, ginger refers to the form of hot spices that enhance digestion and establishing circulation. The taste is spicy ginger and sweet. Many Lydia not like to chew ginger because of the severity, then you can wipe or brush your teeth with ginger, it will be a very beneficial effect.
Ginger – a tool of the first against any kind of pain, which can also be used in the home. Powder mass of ginger, mix with water or simply rub the ginger and put in a compress to a place where the pain hurts. Ginger – excellent remedy for various skin diseases and allergic diseases, as well as asthma. Ginger is consumed with flatulence, diarrhea and for a stay in order to neutralize the harmful effects of animal poisons, it is also consumed in mushroom poisoning. Very popular use of ginger for weight loss because it has the speed of metabolism.
To lose weight quickly can help the recipe of ginger tea.
To make ginger tea you will need:
– Dried ginger root or fresh ginger,
– Black pepper in powder form
– mint leaves,
– Sugar
– Honey
– Fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice
Remember that the most of the useful properties of ginger , it is better to take it fresh. Ginger root should be firm, not shriveled, and most importantly clean. If you use dried ginger, take 2 times less and cook it a little longer, because the dried ginger are more active and sharper.
Mademoiselle recommends using the beneficial properties of ginger for ulchsheny-being and health.

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