Figures after Party

Fitness after PartyHoliday party, we are not a joy and a pleasure, as it seemed to be, and feeling guilty for torn diet and extra pounds. This is not surprising. After all, as practice shows, festive food compared to a normal contains 20% more fat, 20% more salt, 25% less fat and 20% less calcium. Thus, the “healthy” or “useful” it did not name.

But all is not lost. The main thing now – do not indulge “the winds” and to try to fix the damage done to your figure.

If you’re at a party cake or fatty snacks, the next morning can experience nausea and stomach upset, especially if you’ve stuck to a low-fat diet. In an effort to quickly get back on the right track, in any case, not fast, it will only exacerbate nausea, and then trigger the feeling of wild hunger, which again is fraught with overeating. Instead, eat something light and does not contain fat: cereal with skim milk, vegetables, and fruit. And drink plenty of plain or mineral water – it will help digestion and bring the body of toxins and speed up the metabolism, so what you want to burn fat. Remember that in order to burn fat, the body needs 8 hours.


Too much salt

The surest sign that the day before you have abused the “salty” – this morning puffiness, dry mouth and thirst. In this case, from the morning to drink anything diuretic- the best chamomile or green tea, and in fairly large quantities, 2-3 cups. This will help to rid the body of accumulated fluid. Eat this day. Give up soups, sausages, soda and, of course, pickled and salted foods.

Too many carbohydrates  or alcohol

Carbohydrates in general, is not as scary as fat. The body burns carbohydrates in half the time – 4 hours. However, carbohydrates are high in calories. A drink is known also dehydrating. Furthermore, suppressing the central nervous system slows down your alcohol metabolism. Research by British scientists have proven that alcohol when taken together with the high-calorie diet the body burns less fat and more it lays. Therefore, in the post-holiday day is best to stick a light protein diet: eat more dairy products, lean meats, and vegetables. Drink plenty of fluids, best herbal tea or mineral water can also be diluted in half with water, vegetable juice. Do not drink fruit juice, black tea, coffee and soda.

What not to do after the party

Do not weigh yourself. Of course, your balance will show more than you would like. So why once again upset? Moreover, that this extra weight – only excess fluid. Despite the prevailing opinion, better for the holidays is not so simple. To recover on a pound, you need to consume an additional 4000 calories! It is unlikely that you will be able to eat as much. Most people recover in one holiday is not more than 200-300 grams.

Not frustrated. Of course, small failures are inevitable, whether you are ready for them or not. But there should be no common mistakes – many people after one – two failures they go to the grave, and for a time completely refuses to control their weight. It makes more sense to forgive yourself and do not get hung up on the same error as if it never existed, and move down the difficult path of weight loss. After all, leads to weight gain is not a one-time overeating, poor diet and systematically.

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