Exercises for Women

Fitness bodyWe teach you the best Exercises for Women training to achieve a sexy, athletic body but with all the curves that it needs to attract all eyes …

The Way: think of Jessica Biel. Their bodies are characteristically broad in the back and shoulders, and they are becoming increasingly close to the hip.

The more athletic bodies are usually small waist, tend towards more square silhouettes, and often have a lower proportion of fat bodies with more curves or pear shaped.

For women with athletic bodies can be difficult to find swimsuits because they fit well with those at the bottom are often too small for the top.

The solution: athletic women usually do not need much toning. But to wear a bikini need to balance your figure a bit, and also slightly increase the size of your waist to achieve a sexy silhouette.

The abdominals to strengthen the stomach area, along with exercises for the lower body to shape the buttocks and thighs, are the perfect complement to these bodies already developed.

Monday: For each year of this list, a number of the recommended amount of repetitions, rest 30 seconds, then do another set of the same exercise. For best results, supplement these exercises with Cardio intervals.

Wednesday: Perform the circuit moves: do the recommended number of reps for each exercise with no rest between sets. After you have done all the exercises once, rest two minutes..

Friday: Perform two sets of each exercise with no rest between each. Rest 30 to 60 seconds before repeating the circuit.

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