Exercises for Women ass pear

Lose weightAlthough it seems a very difficult task, it really is not. To get a pert ass, hard and we cherish our Supply curves: banish fat and do some simple exercises for ass.

In any case we have to take into account the results of any exercise localized appreciate over time, so you have to be persistent, methodical and patient.

As the body of each person and you can expand the man, as more and more guys who care about having a firm butt-must make one kind or another exercise.

Women who have this morphology is characterized by shoulders and hips provided. The waist is smaller. It’s the kind of woman who has always been considered more feminine.

Most Spanish have this body shape. Current Brazilian models are characterized by this figure, although they are thin not lose their curves.

Exercises: This type of woman has to strengthen the limbs. The fat tends to accumulate in the hips and buttocks. To get a flat stomach you can see our section crunches

This is a very recognizable: the hips are wide, narrow shoulders, flat stomach..

To have a firm buttocks women with pear-shaped type should perform workouts that work on all the legs.

This type matches the mesomorph . In the picture that we show is called rectangle. Therefore women with this type tend to accumulate less fat than previous types, which for a ass strong and healthy have it easy.

They are characterized by the shoulders, hips and rear balanced. If a few kilos accumulate fat in the abdomen, chest, arms and thighs.

The exercises have a strong and healthy ass is aerobics, squats, stair climbing and step.

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