Exercise first – belly breathing

breathing exerciseThe breath of the lower part of the abdomen is the most effective breathing exercises. I’m not saying go to the belly breathing once and for all, but to use it as an exercise and put in your daily diet for about ten minutes of this breathing – it is real and useful. It can be performed, and sitting at a computer or standing at the booth.

For this breath standing posture is even preferable.

To work on the exhibition stand is ideal abdominal breathing while standing in a relaxed state. Along with the belly breathing can be performed standing up “invisible” exercise – compress –¬†uncleanly¬†their fists, or change the position of the feet alternately without moving the torso.

Exercise second – this part of the system Bodifleks developed by American Greer Childers. Breathing Body flex is: you need to exhale all the air through the mouth, quickly inhale through the nose, with the strength of the diaphragm to exhale all the air through the mouth, hold your breath as much as possible to draw the abdomen, count to 8-10, relax and breathe. So, breathe out – inhalation – a strong exhalation. Further to pull in the belly breath and think harder to 8-10. Then exhale. Of course, to master the technique of breathing, you must first work out at home and bring the technology to such perfection to do high quality, imperceptibly, do not have a fit of coughing, and not to make loud sounds during inhalation-exhalation. Against the background of the drawn-in expiration and abdomen can also do the “invisible” exercise with your hands or feet. Breathing exercises Bodi fleks still do well, sitting at a desk or in transport. Everything is very good at it, and in the sitting position: exhale – inhale – exhale – holding your breath – breath. Excellent pass this circuit breathing and walking.

Here is a detailed five-step breathing exercises Bodifleks:

Step 1. Exhale from the lungs through the mouth all the stale air in the lungs – collect the lips into a tube and slowly and evenly release themselves from the air without a trace.

Step 2. Quickly and aggressively inhale through the nose.

Step 3. Sharp exhale all the air through the mouth, and as low as possible in the diaphragm.

Step 4. Exhaling all the air, close your mouth, hold your breath and make the retraction of the abdomen for eight to ten accounts. Continue to hold it for the entire stage, not breathing! Tilt your head and pull your stomach and lift it up. Imagine how your stomach and other organs in the abdominal area literally pokes in the ribs. This is called a “retraction of the abdomen,” and is part of the exercise, making a flat stomach.

Step 5. Relax and breathe. Release the abdominal muscles. Breathing in, you should feel the air rushes into your lungs.

Exercise the third – this is one of the exercises of rehabilitation AN Strelnikovoj. Exercise is a pretty name – “palm”. Stand upright, bend your elbows and “show palm audience.” Take short, rhythmic breaths nose and simultaneously squeeze the palm of your hand into a fist (grasping movements). Make 4 consecutive sharp rhythmic breathing nose. Then, lower the arms and rest 3 – 4 seconds – pause. Make another 4 short, noisy breath and pause again. Active nose breath – inaudible exhale through the mouth. Shoulders during inspiration motionless! Exercise “palm” you can do standing and sitting.

Which of these exercises to do, how to combine them and how much they pay time – it is in your own discretion. The only thing that can hinder breathing exercises – it’s very tight clothing. But tight clothing is not recommended – it makes it difficult not only to breath, but the circulation of blood and lymph. I myself prefer toilets loose-fitting – in them and move easier and less tiring.

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