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Body Shape

Extra kilos that you can spare for the summer. It is time to leave behind the lazy. No excuses: you’re going to get shape and you’ll do it by following these secrets will leave motivation to laziness and temptations.

Translate kilos to real-world language. Every time the scale that tells you you’ve slimmed down a kilo, go to the kitchen and up a bag of a kilo of potatoes. It’s a lot, right? This simple trick will help give concrete shape to the extra weight you’ve lost, and so to realize the extent of your achievement. Enjoy the idea of be rid of all that burden, and the next time temptation assails you, remember those potatoes and think if you really want to reload them.

The power of a photograph. Is it true that a picture is worth a thousand words? Sometimes, yes. Please have your less flattering picture, the one where you look really awful. Whenever temptation assails you, check it out to overcome this bad time and re-focus on the end goal. We offer a tip for the more reticent: nothing like the photos in swimwear away from the refrigerator.

Success is planned.’s Easy to find excuses to escape what is uncomfortable. No time for the gym, no food in the fridge to avoid calling a pizza delivery. However, it is all about programming. Record visits to the gym in your diary, and grant the same importance to the meetings. Make purchase with time, and plan menus in advance. To avoid unnecessary pecks, always have fruit or vegetables hand easy to prepare and try not to have at hand meals “high risk” you can be irresistible, such as chocolates, confectionery, sugary sodas. Prevention may be the best medicine.

Thinking long term. The next time you think about skipping the trip to the gym, do not think only in the obvious consequences of missing this time of year, but how you want to be, look and feel in a few years. You know that we are the fruit of what we sow … When you have a clear long-term vision, increases the ability to evaluate this activity and to stand firm in our purposes.

The strength of the group. Dos, better than one. And if more, even better! Form a group to perform any physical activity is more rewarding, power motivation and reinforces social skills. Schedule walking routes, hire a personal trainer or get between several friends in the gym rather than in a cafeteria are ways to encourage one another and remain faithful to the exercise program.

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