Diet help measured the loss of overload heaviness

diet for body shapeA diet will cause to not lose drastic weight but losing weight slowly again not to accumulate extra kilos.

This substantiating Maria Elli, Public physical condition Nutritionist in comments to on diets that are made by many people as part of the resolutions for the New Year. She explained that in the past holidays many people drank more than normal and units exceeded the supposedly taken a week and consumed a high rate of fats, sugar and extra salt. Currently it is time to get back to the routine that we had before the holidays.

Maria Elli advised the public to go back to that lifestyle to be healthy. Above all, he recommended physical exercise – even walking half an hour a day – as well as healthy cooking with portions are small.

The routine itself help to get back that we had before the Christmas holidays and New Year. Maria Elli explained that women do not go for a diet that is less than 1200 calories while men do not go to a diet that is less than 1,500 calories per day. Only one she gives advice for both men and women. Those who want to lose weight, one must take into account to the Body Mass Index, or better, the ratio between the weight and length. If this index is high 30, one must turn to the doctor to analyze pressure, sugar and cholesterol in the blood. This serves as a point of reference to what is moving towards lifestyle healthy at preventing chronic diseases.
Besides, who wants to start the diet should seek the support of relative

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