Diet designed for mass gain

weight lossPeople are looking for ways to lose overload weight and thus improve their external forms, the overall appearance and health. However, there are those who want to increase the weight – a lot of muscle and adipose tissue.

Weight decreased,From what?

Most often this is due to hormonal disorders of the corpse, but sometimes digestive disorders, seizures, depression, chronic stress, lack of sleep, and allergic reactions also lead to exhaustion and thinness. Before it is necessary to increase the weight to determine the cause of weight loss. Only after this treatment and pick up food composition.

The selected mode is to be introduced gradually in order to avoid overloading the body. It is very important regularity. Do not start and early finish, moving to other options.

At the initial stage of food must be low calorie. In general, the amount of calories consumed per day should not exceed 3000 – 3500 Kcal. When this protein is about 16% of the RDA, preferably one half of animal origin.

Carbohydrates – not more than 55%. Fat – no more than 30%.

With such a diet increases the acidity of the body. To reduce acidity, take with food vegetable  oil about three teaspoons a day .The overabundance of carbohydrates leads to excess fat mass, with more wrinkles start to appear on the waist and the hips.

Refer to the following set of weights:

Before the meal drink half a cup of vegetable or fruit juice

Eat 4-5 times a day, preferably at the same time.

Avoid strenuous exercise after a meal.

Eat vitamins in the diet include beans, white bread and pasta article, sugar, honey, fruit juices and mineral salts to improve the digestive tract.

Eat rationally. Day by day, diversify your diet.


For such a diet are considered the best breakfast cereal variety, cottage cheese, cheese, omelets on milk and cocoa.

Not to eat the same thing every morning. Cook the oatmeal of different cereals with various fillings alternate products. Also, watch for the amount of food consumed, as not overeating we need to gain weight.


Meat and poultry calf can be considered as the basis of your lunch. Cook it for a couple sauces and season accordingly. One can use prepared in the same manner marine fish. Garnish – at your discretion.

To meat or fish cooked in this way they can become a little bit tastier roast. In this case, it is better to cook a side dish of boiled vegetables. For example, mashed potatoes, butter.


can cook any meals, salads, exotic oriental dishes .

Try different variations! Feel free to use fresh vegetables, salads and condiments to them a variety of delicacies. But remember – it’s lunch, dinner and not the second. Do not overload.


Eggs in any form, casseroles and desserts.

Dinner should be wholesome and nutritious, that night did not want to eat, but you can not overeat at night.


Eating this way, you have the opportunity to make a more feminine body shape, but exercise a measure to femininity crossed into obesity. In Snack:-banana, light soup or porridge

Do not eat very hot or very cold I write – extreme temperatures slow down the production of enzymes, which does not absorb all the nutrients.

Physical activity, including the gym, together with such food options will make the calories consumed in the muscles, not in body fat.

These tips and this diet for weight gain will help you to gain useful heaviness.

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