Cohen Diet: Straightforward Approach to Wellness


Getting fit automatically involves drastic changes in one’s lifestyle. But it is one enormous sacrifice that many are willing to take to achieve the goal of having the desired body. With many diet programs flying off the shelves, it could be dizzying to choose the perfect food plan that is highly effective. One such program would be the Cohen Diet that has been garnering the buzz across the web. Dr. Rami Cohen M.D. discovered this by accident as he was conducting his research with regards to infertility. Couples have been approaching him for techniques like “In-Vitro” fertilization since Dr. Cohen is an expert in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Upon his tenure, he accidentally found out that infertility problems can be contributed by obesity.

Considered a global epidemic, obesity has been blamed for the increase in the spread of ailments such as high blood, heart attacks, diabetes, and the like.

Gathering three years of careful study of the relation of obesity and hormonal imbalance, Dr. Cohen discovered that the irregularities in insulin, serotonin, and HGH or Human Growth Hormone levels of overweight patients led to the unusual increase in mass. In hindsight, insulin is the hormone that is responsible for the control of sugar levels within the body while serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates one’s appetite. On the other hand, HGH aids cells in reproduction, growth, and regeneration. With these alarming facts in hand, he pursued his research for natural methods to combat this disease. The most effective and the simplest solution would be changing a person’s diet with accordance to the blood profile. And much likes Life Insurance that primarily aims for one’s welfare, this innovation that strives to endorse a healthy lifestyle is now known as the Cohen Diet.

By taking blood samples from prospective clients, these are analyzed carefully in order to monitor sugar and cholesterol levels. Basing from the results obtained, a carefully-concocted diet program containing a list of food that will help regain the body’s hormone balance will be given. Following one’s unique food plan astonishingly promotes rapid weight loss based from hundreds of credible testimonials. Moreover, this fitness solution does not only mean a change in one’s eating habits but also of the whole lifestyle. Indeed, the Cohen Diet is a straightforward approach to total wellness.

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