Celebrate Valentine’s Day with no fast weight

DietIt is about Valentine’s Day and with it the celebrations and gifts. That the celebration does not involve extra calorie consumption, we present some recommendations.

1.  Do not give away chocolates, truffles, candy, etc..

While they are classic gifts for Valentines, bring many calories (chocolate also contains flavoring that help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease). So if you know your partner is trying to take care and not to consume extra calories, it is better to let go of sweets that do not add empty calories and choosing for example, a perfume, a jewel, salts and bubble bath, etc.

2.  Choose black chocolate for gift

Anyway If chocolate is the choice, black is the best, contains approximately 70% cocoa  and fewer calories.

3.  Something healthy dinner at home

Prepare a dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day does not necessarily overeating, or foods that provide a lot of calories. You can opt for some healthy preparation such as a garlic chicken supreme (approximately 240 cal), accompanied by vegetables and a glass of wine (72 cal). For some low-calorie dessert, accompanied by a glass of champagne (69 calories) for toast.

4.  Out dinner at a vegetarian restaurant or choose a healthy menu

If the choice is to go out to dinner, there’s no need to go to a conventional restaurant or because unhealthy food choices. The option may be to go to a place for vegetarian food or sushi, which provides very few calories (10 pieces contain, roughly, 300 cal) or any restaurant and choose a low-calorie menu, some lean meat with salad, for example .

5.  Choose chocolate dessert with low calorie

At dessert time there because deprived, especially in such an important day like Valentine, when you have a romantic dinner with your beloved. However, you can choose any dessert that contains chocolate but low-calorie, such as a strawberry dipped in chocolate sauce dietetics, chocolate mint, etc.., Which contain only about 100 calories.

6.  A walk outdoors

If the time of year and time permitting, an outdoor outlet to walk or ride a bike can be a good alternative to spend time together, enjoy nature and the benefits of exercise, which is much better when shares with the beloved. On a walk at an average rate can end up spending about 300 calories.

7.  Go dancing with your partner

The dance besides being very fun and liberating, spends a lot of calories. In a Latin beat as salsa, merengue or cumbia, for example, can consume about 400 calories, which becomes an interesting option when out with friends.

8.  Go ice skate

Besides being very funny and something that is not done daily, which can be a nice outlet to celebrate Valentine’s Day, for 1 hour of ice skating can spend about 315 calories, plus leg muscles worked and buttocks.

9.  Having sex

Sex in addition to being the perfect close to the Valentine’s celebration and strengthen the bonds of love with your partner, it’s good to burn calories. Therefore, after dinner can be a good way to burn some of the calories consumed. Try new sexual poses , with which both feel satisfied. With 30 minutes of sex, spend about 85 calories.

10.  Overnight in a hotel

A good dinner celebration is after something light, go to a nice hotel to spend an unforgettable night in which he spent many calories in love.

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