Back exercises on the ball

exercises on the ballBack exercises on the ball Exercises with dumbbells on a ball – it’s a great way to develop the muscles of your back and chest, as well as the opportunity to correct your posture, correct the shape of the breast. These exercises are aimed at the development, the largest fan-shaped muscle that is in the middle and lower back.

In addition, this exercise works on both the pectoral muscle, another fan-shaped muscle that extends across the chest. Will not go away and triceps back of perform this exercise you will need a large bowl . Exercises with a prone position on the ball.

Your shoulders and upper back are on the ball. Feet flat on the floor with confidence. With both hands firmly grab the dumbbell for all of your weight. Moving up. Inhale and slowly lift the dumbbell overhead. Do not bend your elbows to stretch the muscles of the chest.

Moving back. Together with an exhalation return to the starting hands . Do not separate your feet from the floor during the exercise. Use them as a foothold. You can only move your hands with chest musk . You perform this exercise on the ball, do not let it roll out from under your back during the exercise. You need help with back and chest muscles to keep. Treat selection dumbbells. If the weight is too much for you, then you run the risk of pull or strain the muscles.

Do not chase your weight; give preference to the quality of the exercise several times on several approaches. If you turn it into a complex exercise your usual activities, then after a few months will be able to watch the amazing results.

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