Are you ready to start a diet?

diet tips 1) What made you think about starting a diet?

 a. I know it will help me improve physically

 b. I suggested

c. I come procrastinating and read in a magazine

 2) You know exactly what your goal?

 a. Yes

b. I have an idea

c. I pin it yet

 3) From know your current eating habits, recognize what should change and what requirements you need to meet the objective you propose?

a. Yes

b. Most of them  recognize

c. I have no idea

) Given the weight you want to achieve and the time you would like to achieve, how you qualify your project?

a. It is a realistic plan

b. Entrepreneurship is a difficult but possible

c. It’s an impossible dream

5) Do you feel that staff is a good time to commit to a good diet ?

a. Yes

b. Relatively, I have my doubts

c. It is never a good time, I can not motivate

6) Do you do physical activity?

a. Often

b. Poca, I start a routine to increase it

c. No. I do not have the time.

7) Is it hard to control yourself with food?

a. Not

b. A little

c. Much

8) Did you get a medical checkup lately to assess your overall health?

a. Yes, it is right

b. Yes, and detected some problems that I need to know

c. No, I do not do much to check


For every answer A, total 4 points, for each answer B, add 2 points and for each answer C, 0 points.


If you added 18 to 32 points: This is a great time to start a diet. Contás with the necessary tools: conviction, motivation and determination. Seeks to hold onto these pillars the action plan you start, and surely, you will achieve the success that you put forward.

If you added 8 to 16 points: You’re ready to begin. Note that you may not be easy, but they’re in perfect position to face the challenge. You only need to strengthen your decision and identify more clearly the roads that take you to your goal. Do you propose to change your habits and your figure overnight. Review your strategy.

If you added between 0 and 6 points: not a good time to start this diet. You need as soon as possible, order your meals and incorporate healthy habits. But until they take real awareness of it and find out specifically what is most urgently needed for your particular situation, it is likely that soon leave if empezás diet today. Search for specialist help.

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