What’s your ideal weight?

FitnessWoman who sees may be just as important when choosing your ideal weight, and how successful relationship with certain types of the body, according to a study conducted by lynda boothroyd of  durham university, and published in the journal plos one.

Selection of a particular body size may be based on other women, or stem from the notion that a certain body type is associated with specific goals such as high status or better health.

To find out which of these two effects is crucial for women, the researchers showed women a series of photographs of women of different weights in fashionable clothes, and women with eating disorders in gray tights. Selection of participants was assessed before and after viewing the various combinations.

The results showed that the figures show the same type, both large and small, increases a woman’s desire to have the type of shape regardless of whether they are shown to be successful or not. To a lesser extent, the full image of successful women causes a desire to have a large size, even if unsuccessful in the category is thin. According to the authors, these results demonstrate the effect of a visual diet.

The study’s author says: “it gives us food for thought about the power of the impact of significant figures of persons. The results of the study confirm that the constant presence in the media images of stars and very skinny models makes women and girls an unhealthy attitude to their bodies. Moreover, perhaps even the so-called ‘red’ photos with anorexics may increase the desire for very thin figure. “

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