Weekly Slimming Diet

weight lose tipsI found this article that I liked from the start and that gives a Slimming Diet 5 Kilos Per Week. The tips are given by an expert nutritionist at theUniversityof Madrid:

How to get you to lose weight without giving up your regular visit to the restaurants? An easy trick is to eliminate alcohol at dinner. Alcohol is full of empty calories, IE us fat and we do not offer any nutrient.

Choose restaurants with a great menu. If you do this possibly have healthier options to choose from, for example, compose your menu entry and saucer first.

On the other hand, if you like many main dishes or seconds, ask if they can make some lean fish or grilled meat with some lettuce or vegetables but never chips. This way you can eat the first and second plate.

Now, when it comes time post what to do? A piece of fresh fruit or yogurt is less caloric options, but often take the routine or custom dessert why not go straight to coffee or tea?

And if you like to exercise and go to the gym, then take advantage. The gyms have a thousand and one different activities. You can take a few days to swim or dancing, the joke is that you do not miss.

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