Tips to lose weight with a good diet

lose weightTips to lose weight┬áthe four meals Why should we eat four times a day? Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and snacks as possible to mid-morning and afternoon. Many people believe that to “hold the line” or lose weight it is best to stop eating at some of the moments of the day or avoid dinner or breakfast, the fact is that, some of the meals skipped, not achieved the expected results.

Some common errors are given for not thoroughly know these tips to lose weight. Very often the saltearnos or avoid any foods to eat over the following, and that you store excess in our body and deposited as fat. That is, our body, if every day at a certain hour notice that you lack energy, saves, spends less and stores the excess, and these results are around the abdomen, abdominal fat. So when you need to lose weight is much better to decrease the amount of food you eat to skip a meal. If energy distributed over four meals daily with our metabolism is stable and will not exist for storing excess Kcal.

Eat a variety of foods. Consuming a variety of foods ensures the correct incorporation of vitamins and minerals. For further reference, see the pyramid.

Trying to maintain ideal weight. The person should determine the proportion of fat in your body for your ideal weight. For athletes it is advisable not to exceed 15% of fat weight. Therefore it is always recommended that you visit your doctor or nutritionist.

Avoid excess saturated fat. High rate of blood cholesterol is acquired in most cases early.

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