Tips for Body Shape

Weight lose tipsLong worked hard to improve his body before the holiday?  But it was enough just to be on vacation, as you allow yourself to relax, and dropped pounds returned a hundredfold?  Staying in shape after the end of the summer season is difficult, but our tips will make it a little easier.  Do not let your hard work was for nothing! Some of slim tips as follows..

Weight lossTips no 1. Hassling you watch yourself in the gym to show off gorgeous body on the beach in thong bikini ?  Do not stop and continue training outside the fitness center.  At work, replace the elevator trip hike up the stairs, and even better – the nurse on her.  You’ll see that it’s easier to keep in Slim and Fitness  stay active.

Tips no 2. Scrubs, body wraps and more time scrubs !  Deep cleansing of the body – that’s what you can do every day at home, using modern cosmetics.  These procedures will help to eliminate toxins and will keep cellulite “in fear” throughout the year.

Tips no 3. Use tonics for the body, such as forming silhouette anti-cellulite lotion or gel.  These funds will help to keep your skin in good shape for the most problematic areas – the abdomen and thighs.

Tips no 4. Included in the daily diet of more fruits and vegetables.  You will feel the effect of renewal and freshness throughout the body.  Drink a smoothie of berries , which cleanses the body of toxins and help you feel healthy.  You will look simply amazing!

Tips no 5. If you prefer to spend your vacation time in noisy companies, stick to low-calorie cocktails as possible, preferably without the content of cola and other sugary drinks.  Try to drink plenty of water between meals, it will help to reduce the accumulation of weight.

Tips no 6. Sunburn – another trick to disguise the problem areas of your figure. bronze shade that you can save and after the holidays , a winner emphasizes the dignity and hide small imperfections such as cellulite and stretch marks.  Sunbathe properly – only in the morning and evening, using a special lotion to protect the skin .

Tips no 7. Swim a lot.  In salt water, make it much easier than in the pool.  After water procedures apply to the outside of the hand from the shoulder to the elbow toning gel to maintain the shape of the most vulnerable area.

Tips no 8. After the holidays for two weeks Maintain a diet aimed at the elimination of toxins from the body .  This may be an emphasis on berries and vegetables: celery, boiled beets, cherry.  You can also use a light laxative agents, bought over the counter.

Tips no 9. Begin updating the wardrobe for the autumn-winter period.  It may sound silly, but shopping helps burn calories!  Running with bags in hands on sales, or visit the chic boutiques where you go with a power advantage, feeling amazing and beneficial effect on your appearance.

Tips no 10. Bring self confidence and their own attractiveness to the highest point.  Believe me, you look great in the new dress on a figure , which previously could not afford!  Complete set of high heels and enjoy the effect.  Do not allow yourself to lower the bar – this is the best incentive to stay in shape.

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