The Ups and Downs of ACE Weight Loss Program

ACE Weight Loss ProgramAngiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are drugs primarily used to stabilize blood pressure and reduce the buildup of fluid in the body. Turns out that aside from maintaining a good cardiovascular health, the ACE weight loss pill also helps reduce fats, several studies suggest.

In an animal study published in the National Academy of Sciences, a group of Australian researchers studied the effects of ACE in fat reduction. They looked in the genetic structure of mice that seem to be missing the angiotensin-converting enzyme and found that they weight 20% less than the mice that had ACE present on their genes. Furthermore, the lightweight mice had 50% less fat specifically in the belly,

as compared to the others. The researchers made sure that both the two groups of mice received the same amount of diet and exercise. They conclude that those that do not have ACE have faster metabolism.

The researchers also noticed that ACE-deficient mice processed blood sugar and have broken down fats quicker, making them less vulnerable to obesity and diabetes.

Due to these findings, health experts began exploring the possibility of formulating ACE weight loss drug that will block the production of the said enzyme, supporting fat loss, particularly in the midsection.

Ups and Downs of ACE diet

ACE weight loss solution is a relatively new concept which is starting to gain popularity worldwide. Saba, the manufacturer of this drug, claims that ACE inhibitors help control weight by raising metabolism, increasing the body’s ability to block fat absorption, and suppressing the appetite. It is also believed to support calorie burning.

Despite sheer will and determination, many people fail to achieve their weight loss goals because they cannot resist even the slightest symptom of hunger. One good feature of the ACE weight loss drug is its ability to stimulate the feeling of fullness so the dieter doesn’t overindulge in high-calorie foods. According to online reviews, Saba ACE pills are excellent appetite suppressants. They allow people to enjoy their favorite treats but only in smaller portions.

People looking to try ACE weight loss pill should be aware of the potential side effects that come along with this supplement. It was found that the drug contains plenty of ingredients and most of them have adverse side effects. Ingredients include:

  • Caffeine – the ACE weight loss pill contains different caffeine sources including green tea and cocoa powder. According to Saba, ACE stands for appetite control and energy. Caffeine is a known source of energy but too much of it can have undesirable effects especially to those who have low caffeine tolerance. It may cause gastric problems, insomnia, nervousness and restlessness.
  • Excess vitamin B – the drug contains high amount of vitamin B6, almost 400 times higher than the recommended consumption which is 100mg. Taking too much of this vitamin can lead to nerve damage particularly in the limbs (arms and legs). However, according to the U.S. Office of Dietary Supplements, the adverse effects can be reverted upon discontinuing the intake.
  • Autoimmune triggering compounds – the ACE weight loss pill also contains spirulina – a blue-green algae that makes the immune system more active. Experts warn people who have autoimmune disorders or those who are at risk of them to avoid taking drugs that contain spirulina. Another thing, some sources of this algae are contaminated with toxic substances and bacteria that when ingested, may cause liver damage, severe weakness or fatigue, stomach pain, and many other adverse effects.
  • Others – ACE drugs also contain other compounds such as chromium, geranium and vanadium that may cause allergic reactions. These substances may also aggravate kidney diseases.

Furthermore, it is not recommended that individuals take ACE weight loss pills side by side with other medications. Majority of the ingredients found in ACE-inhibiting drugs negatively react to other medication components.

Is it still safe to use?

ACE weight loss products are FDA-approved so they are generally safe to use. However, the possibility of experiencing the side effects is always there so anyone who’s considering taking this drug must consult a health professional especially if he or she has other health problems and is undergoing treatments. Also, it is important to bear in mind that losing weight doesn’t just depend on the drug alone. For successful fat reduction, dieters must observe proper diet and exercise. Even though ACE weight loss drugs will help fight hunger, it is necessary that people taking it should not forget eating sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables, and engage in physical activities for better and safer results.

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