The Secret Of A Balanced Diet.

balance dietIt happened to you that when you’re diet and just when you want to lose weight, Is all you crave? That is the problem and many times that does not end our diets because we think that a diet is synonymous to stop eating.

A balanced diet is nothing more than a diet, that is, a way of eating. For example, if your diet consists of tacos, torts, tamales, stole, soda, this is a diet, is a diet of junk food, not a balanced diet.

That’s why when nutritionists refer balanced diet are not describing any food, but a balance of food and how and when to eat them.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet consists of animal proteins, vitamins from vegetables, grain carbohydrates and some other gusto but not abused.

It is important of course intake least 2 liters of water daily or fruits and used instead of sugar, we use some type of sweetener or substitute it, for example, instead of using refined sugar, using honey, brown sugar or raw sugar that is easier for the body to assimilate and transform it into energy.

If you want to lose weight, before starting a diet or stop eating, it is advisable to visit an endocrinologist, because many times our weight problems are the fault of hormones or a thyroid disorder.

A good way to start is to get into your head that you’re going to start a diet and you’re going to be gaining every day and daily in the morning repeat to yourself: ” Just for today I will eat healthy” and gradually it succeed.

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