The path to the ideal figure

Fitness bodyDo you want to achieve excellent results in a short training period of time? Then you need to do Callanetics! It is a set of static exercises that prevent sudden movements and jumping and produce visible results in just 10 sessions. In this there is no doubt at least based on the personal experience of the creator of the most wonderful destinations. Callan Pinckney came to this literally through the thorns. She was born not quite folding and life she suffered from problems with his hips. What wasn’t she trying to do – ballet, diving, yoga. As a result, she created her own program that combines and yoga, and ballet and fitness. Now that’s a successful woman, who is older than 50 years, but it still looks flawless.

How does kallanetika?

Are you paying attention to that, depending on what kind of sports persons engaged in different developing figure? And all because of the different sports train different muscle groups – some muscles goes to the main load; some muscles do not get it at all. To figure it acquired harmonious form – thin waist, beautiful breasts, calves and so looking good need to train all the muscles without exception.

When you’re doing aerobics or shaping you think that you train all – that shook the press, that’s done squat, that the human body is a group of muscles that just would not be used in our daily lives, they are deep and mostly always “asleep.” Callanetics helps wake them up and make a strong and beautiful. And that figure does not like beautiful, beautiful muscles?

Kallanetika a strain on all of the muscle groups in each exercise load goes to several groups at once, not just one specific group. Callanetics exercise several times superior to the effect of aerobic and shaping – 1:00 Callanetics and think you have 24 hours to jump aerobics! Kallanetika complex effects on the body – improves metabolism, burns fat, improves posture and well-being. After class, you feel young, fresh, toned and energetic!

How to correctly perform the exercise?

Callanetics does not require the presence of the gym, where an experienced instructor will make sure that everything is right you have to perform. You need to know what exercises to do both. It is best to use the video lessons or detailed description of the exercises), which shows more clearly how things should go. If you’ve never tried this fitness trend, we are giving warning after the first class “dormant” muscles to wake up, so – will get sick.

To begin to perform the exercise 3 times a seven days for an hour. After 10 sessions, so after about 21 days you will see the results already. If that you are quite satisfied with the result, then you can do for one hour a week just to maintain the achieved results, or 10 minutes every day. There is a special 10-minute video program. Remember that classes should be regular intervals without large.

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