The most popular fitness trends today is the fitball

FitballThis ingenious invention belongs to the Swiss, who in 1960 came up with a unique method for the rehabilitation of patients.

Originally fitball used by physiotherapists as rehabilitation exercises for patients with cerebral palsy, then for patients undergoing injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Only 36 years later became part of the football fitness industry, and began to appear first seminars and classes on football. Based on the stories of creation, it can be concluded that the fitball is suited to all segments of the population and can deal with it and with the various problems with the musculoskeletal system, and for varicose. Also fitball can engage people of all ages .

How does the fitball?

Due to the fact that the ball is soft and springy when exercising any load is removed from the joints and the spine, which is why it is safe. But not only the advantage of security.

Due to the fact that there is no stress on the joints and spine, a person performing an exercise correctly and fully the necessary muscle is working. This can feel the every man. Make exercise without the ball, then do it with the ball, and you’ll feel much better and it will immediately understand what muscles are working on execution. Also during training on fitball well developed vestibular and deep muscles.

During a workout on the ball constantly have to monitor their situation, thanks to you and train your balance, and intrinsic muscles, which you never knew before.

How to choose the right ball?

Pick up a ball pretty simple. You just have to sit on the ball and look at what level are located hips. The angle of the knee should form either a direct or blunt. If you cannot catch the ball, for example, when buying in a store, where there are no inflated balls, guided by its growth. With the growth from 152 to 165 will suit a ball diameter of 55 cm or more, with an increase from 165 to 185 cm suitable ball diameter of 65 cm or more if your height is above 185, the ball shall have a diameter of 75 cm

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