The most effective exercises

Fitness exercisesWe do not have much time as I would like, on fitness, so that from all the sports you want to select the most effective and affordable. Often there is no time at all, and the opportunity to go to the gym or pool available.

In such cases, choose the high-intensity workout, allowing use up the maximum number of calories per minute (of course, if your goal – to burn calories). To maintain fitness and harmony should spend in training at least 200-250 calories a day. Intensive training to help you cope with this problem for 20-30 minutes. If time at all to spare, plan two or three ten-minute workouts a day and try to take the time to maximum benefit.


So, quick ten minute jog will burn about 100 calories, depending on running speed and body weight. This is much better than a walk or work at home (which, in turn, is better than watching TV while lying is not the couch). Highly effective as jumping rope, step or climbing stairs. 100 calories you can burn for ten to fifteen minutes (and is unlikely to survive longer if you are not in good physical shape). Can be effective and lessons on the simulator: the so-elliptical or rowing machine will allow you to spend 8-9 calories per minute (80-90 kcal per 10 minutes). Quick dances require a little more time, but 20 minutes of your favorite music fly by.

Look for ways to increase the effectiveness of exercise. So, step while lifting dumbbells allows you to burn more calories and develop the right muscles of the upper and lower body. If possible, choose those sports that involve all the muscle groups, such as rowing, swimming, dancing and martial arts. The complexity and efficiency of running, walking, cycling increases when climbing an incline. Finally, any kind of sport is complicated, to use weight training (dumbbells, weights, heavy bags).

If you have very little time to exercise, you need to choose something that will blend with your schedule cases. Think about whether it is possible to combine the training with useful activities, such as going shopping brisk pace, rising home the stairs instead of the elevator. Look for an opportunity to warm up during a lunch break or after work. Finally, free time for yourself at the weekend. Remember, in life there is no more important work than taking care of their own health. After all, a sick person is not capable of any of the case, including the care of loved ones, have a career or be good, bright and clean …

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