The formula of ideal weight

FitnessEverybody likes to look good, in most cases, the basic factor for this is a beautiful figure. With overweight people have always struggled, but still have not come up with a single unique method.

Despite the complexity of this process, each of us knows what the ideal weight formula consists of three components – nutrition, physical activity, no bad habits.

In principle, everything is simple: to identify a diet, join the fitness club and give up all bad habits. But in fact, each of these components is often an insurmountable barrier: there are so many diets and to devise an effective diet in a healthy way is very difficult, in fitness clubs, there are many areas from which it is difficult to choose the most effective for yourself, quit bad habits at all today is the tough target. But even if you take yourself in hand and force them to live according to the schedule, you must still understand each item separately, because each component of proper diet includes a number of sub-items that affect the result.

Proper nutrition

It makes no sense to experiment on himself, trying various diets . The human body is so unique that only a selection of individual diet can bring results. Metabolism, lifestyle, physical and mental characteristics of the organism – all unique and each person is unique, and therefore, one can not come up with something that is suitable for all people at once. The only sure way – nutritionist. Not worth saving money on your health, so make an appointment with a trusted nutritionist, turn the necessary tests and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Physical activity

In principle, as in the first case, better to have a consultation with an experienced fitness instructor. If you can, sign up for personal training, here you will paint a fitness program based on your individual circumstances.

If you can not deal with personally, then rasprobuet all directions. But remember that the best result is given training based on breath – running, aerobics, step, pilates , yoga .

Strength training using the equipment may lead to the opposite result, as the fat to muscle mass is added here.

Pernicious habits

Here you will only your willpower and a mad desire to change your life for the better. If you are having difficulty self-persuasion, get some stimulating factors – films, articles, personal examples that tell the story and show how destructive addictions.

If the situation is quite serious, and you are convinced that you have a serious relationship, go through the course of treatment, there is nothing wrong with that, as do many people, and sometimes the only way, the desired result.

So you’ve decided to lose weight. We bring you the 5 steps, following which you will be able to gradually bring to the ideal weight.

Step 1 – Calculate your ideal weight formula

Before you start to lose weight, make sure you need it. You need to lose weight only to those people who are overweight. To find out if you are overweight, calculate body mass index (BMI) and find out your ideal weight: BMI = weight (kg) / [height (m)] ².

BMI 18.5 – 24.9 kg / m ² – you are absolutely normal weight.

BMI 25 – 29.8 kg / m ² – you have excess weight, and it’s time to begin to deal with it until it’s easy.

BMI 30 – 39.9 kg / m ² – if you are obese and, therefore, you are at risk of developing diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes.

BMI> 40 kg / m ² – you pronounced obesity, weight loss program is needed under medical supervision.

For example, weight – 120 kg, height – 1, 72 m: BMI = 120 / [1.72 * 1.72]. It turns body mass index of 40.6 kg / m ², should seek immediate medical attention.

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