The danger of fitness for female breast

female breastThe news about the dangers of fitness for a female bust scientists said University of Portsmouth. Why, strengthening the cardiovascular system and making shapely legs and toned thighs, women irreparably harm her breasts – it becomes stunted and saggy? Can you avoid this side effect in the fight for your health?

How much noise does advertising campaign female sports underwear, which was represented by a few years ago, Anna Kournikova. I remember the posters with the words “Bounce should just balls” she sported a tight-fitting white bra? It turned out, Anna was right – it is a bounce.

Scientists from Ports mouth conducted an experiment on 56 women, all of them have different size breasts, but no one she was pumped with silicone. To study the mechanics of the oscillatory motion chest while running each of them installed special sensors on the collarbone and nipple. Motion sensors recorded by an infrared camera while running in the simulator.

It turns out those women’s “balls” during the run not just dashing “jump”, but through the air incredible like eight increasing, down, and even. Scientists have set up that during  time while a woman’s foot run over a mile, her breasts, not constrained by a bra, in free fall about 135 feet. (At each step of the average chest moves in relation to the body by about 9 cm) Considering that the average weight of a “ball” of 200 to 300 grams, then the load on the ligaments and the skin of the chest (it is also a supportive feature) really is high . If the chest is large, the amplitude of the motion of large, approximately 14 cm at each step, and the “run” a mile is 210 meters. As you can imagine, this has put more pressure on the ligaments chest. Scientists have even observed that some women with bulky “ball” this load can lead to pain or discomfort in the chest after running and other physical activities. But if these symptoms eventually pass, the Cowper’s ligaments are not restored and remain hyper inflate.

English physician coincidence pay special attention to the Cowper’s ligaments, they do help to maintain the shape of the breast physician monologist Diagnostic Center Clinic Women Healthy.  In reality these ligaments are the connective tissue that attaches to the skin of the breast and inside every fat envelops share. They can be compared with the skeleton chest, but this frame is soft enough, and with age Cowper ligaments lengthen and breast becomes saggy. It is possible that this result and some physical exercises, which the researchers wrote. Their theory seems to be quite real.

When women wore ordinary bras, breast fluctuations decreased by 38%. In special sports bras breast freedom of movement declined even more radically end of physicians is understandable “Women should be aware of the negative effects of sport activities that arise when they do not fix the breast properly, – said Dr. Joanne Scurr, who conducted the study. – People rightly spend time and making an effort to choose good shoes for sport, but just need to apply to the selection of a suitable sports bra. Proper support for breasts will reduce tension Cowper ligaments. “

Their advice on careful selection of bras doctors pay for all women, regardless of the size of their breasts, and the intensity of load they are in sports or fitness: stretching exposed even in small bundles of Cowper’s “balls”, and even at low load.

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