Switches the body into weight loss mode

weight loseDiet session you are losing weight for yourself! A structure of the session briefly as follows.

It all starts with a rather pleasant part, more like a relaxation session and psychological relief. Its purpose – to carry information about the physiological basis of the patient’s problems arose and the proposed method of solving it. But the most important thing in this part of the session the patient is set to switching.

Further to consolidate the new regime slimming patient undergoing a specific procedure. However, we will now reveal all the secrets to weight loss techniques Semenov. Just to say that as a result of active brain areas responsible for the consumption of calories and “euthanized” areas that contribute to fat storage.

Experience shows, in order to translate the body into weight loss mode in most cases only one session of weight loss by Semenov. Because now the body is working for you! And it helps you without super efforts to adjust their eating habits, “improve” them in terms of weight loss.

After switching need not exhaust itself by diet or fitness. Everything happens as if by itself. For example, there is a desire to eat a low-fat cottage cheese or apple, but the fatty sausage or chop longer beckons as before.

In addition, changing eating habits leads to another very interesting effect – there is a desire to move more. It appears, on the digestion of food the body needs a lot of strength. Decrease in the amount of food releases huge amounts of energy to be spent. So the desire to walk in the park, swim in the pool or make a charge soon becomes habitual.

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