Slimming Foods

Healthy foodsThe following days we will be investigating the best in recasts diet. You know ways you can lose weight while eating what you like. This is a very good introduction for you.

Food diet slimming is based on the so-called negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie foods would be those foods that your caloric intake is less than the expenditure produced by the energy needed to swallow and digest.

Today it is known for certain that no food meets these characteristics, even the lowest-energy input such as celery or cucumber.

A calorie is by definition the amount needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree. However, the food energy not dependent on the temperature at which eat but in chemical composition. The energy supplied to the body to eat not used to warm the body, in general, the energy from food is used to repair and build cells and tissues, nerve connections, etc…

Not even the water, only food with no calories, does consume calories in your metabolic process. This means that drinking water weight loss. Therefore, one cannot speak of food or substances because there are negative calories.

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