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Slim exerciseWho does not dream of a beautiful and flat stomach? What woman does not care about the opportunity to get and keep a thin waist that accentuates all the charm of the figures? However, slender waist and seductive belly tense and require regular work (unless, of course, nature does not grant you a perfect data, self-healing after the excesses of labor and other “extreme” aspects of life). For many, the road will be long and rather arduous. But do not be discouraged, it’s not that hard. The main thing – a regular and gradual build-up load.

Train your abdominal muscles need to not only make it look attractive. Development of the press will protect the lower back from injury, which is particularly important for athletes, mothers of small children, and all who have to lift heavy weights. In addition, a weak stomach sagged malosimpatichen not only, but also may lead to the omission of the internal organs, dysfunction of the stomach and intestines.

The fact that millions of people want to have a small waist, makes selling simulators to train the abdominal muscles a huge party. Unfortunately, many of these devices are ineffective and sometimes even unsafe. Advertising of these products perpetuates misconceptions about what actually works and what does not.

Reduce waist – often referred to in the advertisement simulators for the stomach. In reality, no equipment is unable to reduce or narrow the waist. Those who have not heard, reports: no exercises will drive away the fat from a specific area (this can only help liposuction!). So do not believe the hype of simulators for the abdomen, which promises to reduce the amount of fat around the waist. In fact, all these exercises and trainers train the abdominal muscles, but the layer of fat on top of these muscles will remain the same, if not create a calorie deficit by burning more than consuming. The most effective combination consists of aerobic exercise, strength training and a healthy, balanced and limited supply. Perhaps the answer you do not really like it, but other reliable way to reduce the amount of non-existent. Do not look for quick solutions – as you know, if something sounds too good to be true, probably, and it is!

Many people are asking for is to get a flat stomach. Concentration on this area can lead to frustration, anxiety and even eating disorders. Unfortunately, for many people, the flat shape of the abdomen physiologically unattainable. Our stomachs are not designed to be flat, as the abdominal muscles actually have a rounded shape. Sex, age and particular shape affect the size and shape of the abdomen. This is especially significant for many healthy and thin women, who after several genera or when the 40-year milestone notice that belly began to bulge. This occurs due to hormonal changes.

So instead of worrying about what you can not change, try to focus on something that is amenable to correction, such as posture. Poor posture can make the abdomen more convex, while the good will look more slender and fit. A person with good posture looks like your knees slightly bent, stomach in, tailbone looks down, shoulders back, and his eyes directed forward (the head does not bow down and pulled forward). Imagine that your head is attached a rope that pulls her up. Good posture will allow you to look and feel slimmer.

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