Obesity is permanent?

weight loseA joint study of the University of Michigan and the Argentine National Council of ┬áScience and Technology has shed light on one of the most annoying mysteries of weight loss – why the weight keeps coming back. Animal studies have shown that the longer the mouse is overweight, the more “returning” becomes overweight.

Over time, the condition becomes an obese mouse normal – an indicator to which body weight tends to return in spite of the diet.

Our model shows that obesity – is a lifelong disease, and the results of the study emphasize the importance of timely action, – senior author Malcolm J say. Low, professor of molecular and integrative physiology.

Our new animal model will be useful in identifying the reasons why most adults have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight through diet and sports.

Mice that were fed a moderately in his youth and had excess weight, easy to stand-up after overeating. However, mice are obese since childhood, could not get back to a normal weight, despite the reduction in caloric intake and increased physical activity.

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