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fitnessWe used to believe that running or Jumping is the most effective exercise to get rid of excess adipose tissue so because we know that this is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Well in this post I’m going to reveal something that most people do not know. In a study conducted at the U.S.space agency NASA, was investigated as trying to help astronauts regain muscle mass and bone density (bone) losing to the lack of gravity in space.

 The results were to jump on a trampoline exceeds by 68% the benefits of jogging or running, including burn fat especially abdomen, buttocks and hips and directly influences muscle growth.

According to NASA scientists, it is also better in terms of time, as with just jump into the tumbling ten minutes is equivalent to running or jogging half an hour.

I also would like to say is that the study showed that when jumping on a trampoline you strengthen the ligaments and the loco motor system and help to prevent or improve symptoms of osteoporosis.

So you know that if you jump in the Tumbling regularly have many more benefits than running. You can buy one individually or go to the nearest park and exercising.

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