Ideal body for lose weight…

Shape tipsNo matter what, and a perfect body – the trump card the beautiful half of humanity. Flexible, harmonious female figure can charm any man, and thus open the way to happiness. Therefore, to achieve their goal is often a woman ready for any experiments. Chocolate wrapping, lifting, salt scrub, capitations  special baths, creams, vacuum massage – Anything goes: ancient and modern, often useless or even dangerous methods of body care. This desire to improve one’s own body is welcome, but experts say that it is worth starting with getting rid of excess weight.

In the fight against excess weight …

Each new kilogram adds not only centimeters of volume, but also problems. Folds, wrinkles and cellulite hated – all constant companions of excess weight and get rid of them is not easy. Whichever way you do not try to lose weight – often lost weight and strive to get back again, and even more. As a result, having tried and diet and fitness, and new beauty parlor, women want to weight loss, every one ask, “How can not I lose weight once and for all? Maybe I was just a perfect figure is not available? “.

Not at all – everyone can lose weight! Peters burg scientist Sergey Semenov found: to the body began to rapidly consume excess fat, you need to “switch” it in a different mode.

The fact that the head of every man there are areas that are responsible for the accumulation of energy reserves and for their consumption. And while your body is set up to build, no exercise and ascetic diet, most likely, will not be stable result – the body will be hard to recover all the lost, and the reserve for the future.

So what to do? Buttons and circuit breakers to the head like not applied, and every second repetition of the mantra “I want to lose weight” does not help. Based on the results of the study of the brain, as well as the long-term psychological and psycho-therapeutic practice, Dr. Semenov has developed a unique method of weight loss. And then to realize it started as a medical version (acupuncture programming autonomous switching), and a psychological approach (autonomous reprogram).

The application of methods of weight loss doctors Semenov body switches from one power mode to another – from savings on energy consumption. Calories consumed by humans begin to burn intensely. So that the loss of extra pounds is quite a natural way, without forcing the body and “heroism” of the patient.

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