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silm tipsWe all dream of the perfect body, give us not only physical beauty, but health and sense of feeling good about oneself.

But there are many excuses to which we cling for not following an exercise program in a consistent manner.

From this point the excuses are over. Here is the program perfectly explained, do not go to the gym, need hardly material and can do so at any time.

body shape guideLet’s start with a basic and simple ritual, burns give us results soon, just need perseverance and some discipline:

A.Heat .
As warming should make about five minutes of exercise bike or running on the site, pretending to run.

B. toning exercises.
These toning exercises should be performed 3 to 5 days per week.

Shrinkage reverse tuck
Rest your back against the floor and lift your knees to form an angle of 90 degrees from its trunk, notice your knees are over your hips. Bring your knees to your chest, avoiding moving her hips. Try flexing the trunk, lower back slightly raising soil. No help with arms in against the floor. Upon returning, notice that the knees do not go past the hips.

Lateral flexing of trunk
Standing, the distance between your feet should be the same as between the shoulders. With a dumbbell only, bend the trunk to one side and then the other side. Upon completion marked repetitions, change the hand barbell and perform the same repetitions to complete the series, as only working the opposite muscle that has the dumbbell. Notice not to swing the hips and keep the torso upright.

Standing, the distance between your feet should be the same as between the shoulders. The feet point slightly outward. The movement is the same as going to sit in a chair. When the hips are to the knees, start to rise. Note Always keep your torso upright and not lift your heels off the ground. If you feel you need to raise your heels off the ground slightly to perform this exercise correctly, support each heel on a book about two inches wide.

Lift hips to femoral
Rest your back on the floor and legs pose on a chair, notice your knees are over your hips. Raise your hips to form a straight line between hip-shoulder knee. When descending reaches not support the lower back on the floor, to maintain muscle tension.

Press the pectoral
Lying on your back with knees bent and the soles horizontally to the floor, with the weight on the shoulders and elbows slightly bent. Lower the weight by bending your elbows and begin to rise just before touching the ground with his arms. The trick is to always carry forearms parallel. As you lower your arms always try to bring your elbows shoulder height.

Rowing with dumbbell
Spare feet, slightly bent, move your foot from the side that something is going to work late. The back should be always right and the body weight loaded on the front leg, to relieve stress on the lower back. Take a dumbbell and lift taking it to hip height. During movement, look at pulling the elbow back, avoid carrying the dumbbell to the shoulder, but rather towards the waist. Need not rest for working the opposite side.

Shoulder Press
Sitting, notice that your back is completely straight and do not lean on the back unless you are sitting on a gym bench. Bring the dumbbells over your head, no matter they hit each other slightly, to lower them, not come to support them on their shoulders. Do not move your head during the year and always look forward to avoid neck discomfort. The trick is to always carry your forearms parallel.

Curl concentrate biceps
Sit with your back supported arm working on the inner thigh, to avoid moving your arm. Bend the arm lifting the dumbbell. As you descend look at not fully reach out and be constantly working.
Extension arm behind the neck
Standing or sitting. The arm should be vertical. Bend the arm carrying the weight behind your head, careful not to bump. During the movement seeks elbow is fixed.

Shrinks trunk
Rest your back on the floor, lift the trunk bending your knees and placing the soles of your feet on the ground. The top of the back will come off the ground slightly. Do not carry your chin tucked in the trunk to avoid neck discomfort. No help with the hands pulling the head for it, put your fingers on the temples. If it feels that it is leg strength is rising too. Going down, it gets to rest his head on the ground, only the upper part of the back and then up again.

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