How to tighten stomach after childbirth

tighten stomachAfter childbirth, every woman, even before pregnancy she was slender and thin, faces a problem like sagging skin on the abdomen. This phenomenon is nothing to worry and wonder – the whole 9 months of the skin and muscles securely holds your little one, more stretching as it grows. And very quickly bounce back, they will not. But still – how to tighten the stomach after birth?


You can do the exercises described above (but not earlier than one month after giving birth!), and add to the complex exercises to strengthen the ligaments of the lumbar and thoracic spine and lumbar muscles. For the young mother is particularly useful exercise.


1. Get on your knees and straighten your arms forward. Take a breath and leaning back, hands grabbing heels. Hold this position for 5 seconds, and then return to starting position. Do everything slowly and repeat 10 times.


2. Lie on your stomach, legs hold together. Straighten your hands forward. On the inhale lift the upper body – head, hands, chest – and feet. As you exhale, return to the starting position. Exercise done slowly, 5 to 10 times being.


3. Now go back. Keep your feet together; put his hands along the body. Exhale and lift the torso and legs at the same time, placing his hands apart. Hold the highest point for 5 seconds, and then return to first position. More 5 to 10 period.


These exercises will help you quickly return to tone the abdominal muscles.


Figuring out how to pull the stomach in the home, give up wearing slimming underwear – it leads to the disruption of blood circulation in the pelvis, and it is bad for women’s health.


It would be nice to your exercise program to include training for the legs, arms and chest – at all, this will give a good effect and increase the consumption of calories per session. If you are bored to do fitness, try dancing to lose weight – they are well-suited to young mothers, and all who need to tighten the abdominal muscles.

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