How to speed up metabolism

Women CelebrityThe faster your metabolism you can eat without gaining weight. Or you can lose weight faster as desired. Continue down.
Metabolism is the rate at which calories burned (kcal). The more calories burn faster or slower thinned fatter. Although there are various opinions on the matter are thought to be accelerated a bit.

Here are some tips to have a faster metabolism:
Eat snacks or small meals
This helps prevent ravenous hunger as the body feel no need to save calories because there is no food.

Eat protein
Protein keeps your stomach busy for longer and the body needs to build muscle. If sufficient protein the body thinks it needs fewer calories. It should be noted that excess protein is not healthy.

Exercise speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy in addition to burning calories.

The more muscle we have the more calories we burn. Muscles develop with exercise, an active lifestyle and eating protein.

Avoid laziness and inactivity
Constant activity helps keep our metabolism active. If we sit for long periods of time begin to burn fewer calories even to move again.

Eat spicy
Other research is desirable but it is thought that eating spicy foods can help speed up the metabolism

Special Meals
Several powers are attributed foods to speed up metabolism such as cinnamon, green tea, green coffee (unroasted coffee), grapefruit and others. Actually you do not have complete studies showing that these foods help you lose weight or stay fit but most of them are healthy and taste good so that you can try.

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