How to remove belly fat after giving birth

belly fatAfter the birth for a few weeks, and your figure does not wish to return to their former size?  Particularly concerned about the flabby, saggy stomach, which does not want to shrink.  Of course, post-partum recovery will take time, and you understand that.  But who could tell how to remove belly fat after giving birth to quickly return to its former shape the body?  After a precious newborn baby, it’s often the first thing that has recently given birth to thoughts of a young mother.  There are exercises to help you regain the elasticity of the abdominal muscles in a relatively short period of time.

 A little physiology

 Normal for just given birth to a woman – or discrepancy diastasis recti.  This occurs during pregnancy when the growing fetus requires more space, and the transverse abdominal muscles are not well developed.  This group of abdominal muscles are often not taken into account when using conventional exercises to strengthen the stomach, for example, the famous twist, in which almost no part of these deep-lying horizontal muscle.  And in fact they are playing the role of a corset for the middle part of the body, helping to keep the internal organs in place with a load on his stomach.

 The transverse abdominal muscles associated with the back muscles as well as with the rectus abdominis.  In the known system of training ‘Pilates’ exercises for the abs involve these so-called “core muscles”, which is the most effective.  By the way, you strain just those muscles whenever pull in the belly, not even realizing it.  So, flabby belly after giving birth will gradually acquire firmness and good form only if you regularly perform exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles is the cross.

 How to remove belly fat after giving birth to a simple but effective exercises?

 We will not complicate anything.  For best results you need a bit of time and the “right” movement.  Driven further complex to perform the simplest daily.  Then soon you yourself will have to advise her friends how to remove belly fat after giving birth quickly and without much effort.  But first, try out the exercises yourself:

 1. Voltage abdominal muscles without twists. Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees and pressing his foot to the floor.  Place the palm of your hand on the abdomen just below the navel on both sides of it.  Squeeze the two fingers of each hand to the lower abdomen and gently retract it toward the spine.  Imagine that your lower abs pulled under the pressure of string.  However, neither the pelvis, or chest should not move.  Do not hold your breath.  Once you feel that your muscles tense, stop drawing.  The force should not be too large, since in this case the work is not turn on the transverse and oblique muscles, but have a different purpose.  Hold this position for 10-15 seconds while maintaining normal breathing.  Perform 10 repetitions, relaxing between them for a few seconds.

 2. Upgrades pelvis. Accept position “supine”, bending your knees and setting foot on the floor.  Cave in at the waist and lift the hips up, pursing her buttocks.  The upper body should remain on the floor.  Hold this position a few seconds, then scroll down.  Do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

 3. Push-ups with a raised foot. This exercise is quite difficult and requires a strong upper body.  Accept position “stop lying” at arm’s length.  Lift the leg as high as possible and do the usual push-ups.  Then change the pace.  It is very effective, but quite a difficult exercise, especially if your arms and shoulders are not strong enough.  So do as many repetitions as work.

4. Lift the knees. Get on all fours, putting his hands shoulder-width apart, knees slightly more hip place.  Toed feet rest against the floor.  Tighten your abdominal muscles, plunging the navel, as if trying to squeeze it to the spine.  Then slowly lift your knees off the floor, keeping the stillness of the upper body.  Hold this position for a while one breaths, then slowly lower your knees to the floor.  Perform three sets of ten times.

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