How to lose fat from the abdomen

 abdomenIf not impossible to find someone quite satisfied with their appearance, and above all the figure. And as for the beautiful half of humanity extra pounds can become a real nightmare. Thus for publicly expressed a desire to lose weight is usually hidden to answer the most “sick” question – how to lose fat from the belly and regain his harmony. After all, the belly and thighs plus gutter with fat in the first place

And do not think that it is only with age. Very often, burningĀ belly fat is a problem of young mothers who want to get back to their forme shapes. However, and very young girls is not immune to such trouble if are not too active lifestyle combined with unhealthy diets.
But to get rid of unnecessary “reserves” are much more complicated. Especially if you bet on a diet or even starvation. Any diet leads to the fact that a person loses weight at first, then chest, thighs and stomach – at the very least. In addition, even a cute “Pampushka” can have a neat, trim tummy and very slim girl sometimes concerned about how to lose fat from the abdomen and become really slim. But it is difficult – does not mean impossible. And even the age or genetic predisposition – not a hindrance to to tackle them.
Medical aspect of the problem
But there is another side to the issue. The deposits of fat on the belly and waist cause the recent special concern for physicians. Doctors see this as a risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and even cancer. Of course, if pinching himself at his stomach, you captured with your fingers a couple of inches of fat, it’s not a reason to panic. On the contrary, located under the skin zhirok harmless enough, and it is easier to say goodbye. It is much more dangerous that fat that is deposited around the internal organs – intestines and liver.
In order to know whether or not to get rid of excess fat for you is vital, not necessarily resort to special investigations. There is another way. Measure the circumference of your waist and hips and divide the waist to the hips. American experts on obesity in the U.S. it is already taking measures of national disaster believe that “round belly” is necessary, if the resulting division ratio is above 0.95 for men and 0.80 – for women.

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