How to lose fat from the abdomen through exercises

belly exercisesThe decision to remove fat in the abdomen is taken.  It remains to choose the way in which this can be done.  We are not going to talk about diets, liposuction, massage belts, muscle stimulator and miracle creams that if no harm to health, it is very palpable hit on the budget.  There is another, more reliable way than the figure of their dreams.  It is a combination of proper nutrition (fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. + rejection of fast food and sweets) to the strengthening of the abdominal muscles.

 Such exercises to burn belly fat as the body rises, or the feet, kick their feet, “bicycle” known, perhaps, everyone.  So let’s talk about the other – less known but is considered by many to be much more effective exercise.

1. Twisting. Lying on his back, feet on the floor, knees bent.  Stretch your hands forward so that the shoulders off the floor.  Try not to strain your neck muscles, the entire load – in the press.

2. The reverse curl. Lying on his back, legs raised up and bent at the knees (if you are not afraid of difficulties, try the exercise with straight legs), hands at your sides on the floor.  Lift your pelvis off the floor at 5-10 centimeters (as if you were trying to make a stand on the blades, but not so high).  Do not try to make things easy due to falls down – only works press.

3. “Frog” pull-ups. They operate on a bench or bed.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, fall on your back, hands behind his head.  Tighten the abdomen bent knees, then relax as a string.  Again, pull the legs, and you can raise your knees to the side, etc.

 Each exercise should be performed 20 to 50 times without rest.  Unaccustomed to the press will just burn after a workout, but the results will be quite noticeable.

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