How diet affects brain function

diet  actionResearch published today, explore the neurological component of eating disorders, uncovering evidence that the biological mechanisms of the brain may contribute to the development of obesity, diabetes, binge eating, and dependence on high-calorie foods.

 The findings were presented at Neuroscience 2012, the annual Society for Neuroscience sezdne.


Researchers are constantly looking for new ways to treat eating disorders, as new information regularly appear that nutrition and obesity affect both mental and physical health.

* Obesity is likely to affect cognitive function, requiring more effort to perform the complex task of decision-making.

* The brain show that when people skip breakfast, when viewing photos of calories activates a part of the brain responsible for pleasure. Skipping breakfast is also likely to increase food intake at lunch, calling into question the benefits of fasting .

* A study in rats has been suggested that binge eating can be curbed with medication used in the treatment of drug addicts .

More recent results show that:

* Amid growing concern that diet-related metabolic disorders such as diabetes, impair brain function, animal studies suggest that a diet high in sugar can affect the insulin receptors in the brain and impair spatial thinking and memory. But omega-3 supplements may at least partially offset this effect.

* These studies in rats show that a new drug for the treatment of binge eating disorder and obesity, being at a stage of development, can block certain receptors in the brain that cause food cravings and food intake under the influence of signals such as pictures or smells irrespective of the body’s energy needs.

“This is a fascinating study because they show that the brain is an important organ that affects the nutritional disorder that is often overlooked,” said press conference moderator Paul Kenny, PhD, of the Institute of Scripps Research Institute in Florida, an expert on drug addiction and obesity. “This research could lead to new drugs to help reduce the ranks of the obese who cannot control their diet.”

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