How can I maintain my Figure

Slim figureOne of our readers share the tricks that have been effective at keeping her figure after having lost weight using diet, exercise and surgery. Continue down.

Our reader prefers to remain anonymous but these are his tips:

“I lost over 45 pounds (20 kilos) with diet and exercise and lost weight when I did because I had a tummy tuck stretch marks and excess skin after three pregnancies. After that I care for my figure because I know I can regain the lost weight. “

“This is what has helped me stay on the desired weight and keep the figure that with effort succeeded. Some things may sound trite to recommend but I have been effective and why I share them. “

1) Water, drinking water
Ingest two glasses of water before breakfast and consumption during the day.

2) Running
My favorite exercise is running, I run every day. But no matter the category of exercise, the very vital thing is to do.

3) Exercise together or alone
I like to run with friends but does not work well. When you exercise accompanied by a friend, choose someone who has the motivation as strong as yours or more. If you do it with someone who does not have that personal commitment lazy end up like her.

4) Breakfast and light dinner during the week
Without care for the food you will gain weight. It helps me eat dinner and a light breakfast, but nutritionists recommend a heavy breakfast. On Saturday and Sunday are the exception but not abuse. Adjusts nutritional recommendations to your lifestyle.

5) Avoid colas
It used to be addicted to colas, now I do not need and prefer water.

6) Little Sugar
I prefer to use substitutes like Splenda, I prefer bitter coffee.

7) Fruit
When I have cravings for something sweet, instead of a candy or dessert, like an apple or a few grapes.

8) buy tight clothes
Believe it or not helps keep at bay. When I feel the tight clothes is like an alarm that tells me I should bend the measures.

9) Eat less fat
Change fatty products for healthy products

10)  Avoid
Avoid keeping the cupboard or refrigerator sweet or fatty foods

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